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About Cosham Balti House

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Trip Advisor Comments and Feedback

Your Feedback About Us

All feedback about our food and service delivery is critical to our development and customer satisfaction. If we have not performed to the highest standards in producing the very best cooked food then it is of the highest importance that this is brought to our attention. Conversely, if we have provided excellent service and our food has commendable then of course we are very interested in hearing your verdict.

How Can You Let Us Know

Letting us know of your comments could not be easier. You can email us direct via email or by using our contact form that can be filled in and sent to us. We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

If you want to be more public in your comments and tell the whole world of your thoughts then Trip Advisor is the best way.

Lastly there is Facebook to leave your comments. It is an excellent method of commenting on our services and to let your friends and family in the Drayton and Cosham area know how you enjoyed our take away food.

Trip Advisor Comments and Feedback

Past Awards

Cosham Balti House has won much praise in the past at the UK Asian Curry Awards ceremony. Their accomplishments are shown in these news outputs in the local papers in Portsmouth. Article one, two and three.



Cosham Balti House
Cosham Balti House
For the best takeaway in the south of England come to us and sample our great food at Cosham.
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